Virtual Makeup Diploma

Virtual Makeup Diploma

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Our longest running program is available in a blended learning, virtual format for distance learning wherever you are in the world, meeting via video webinar for class bi-weekly.

This 12 week accredited diploma program is curated to take you from the basics of makeup to specialized skills in the world of the fashion, photography & film industries. Ideal for students with no experience or artists who are looking to upgrade their techniques.

You have the option of joining us for the Day class which meets at noon twice a week or the Evening class which meets at 6 pm twice a week. Whatever your needs we have you covered! 

This program is eligible for government student funding. Learn more about student funding here. The Virtual Makeup Diploma is a prerequisite for our Advanced Makeup Diploma Program.

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Program Hours & Duration: 252 hours over 12 weeks
Theory Lessons: 21 hours/week of flexible online study
Virtual Practical Class Meeting Online: Monday & Tuesday 12pm - 1pm or 6pm - 7pm MST 


    • June 24 - September 17
    • August 26 - November 19
    • October 21 - January 14 2025


    • January 6 - March 28

    *Dates are subject to change

    • Tuition - $4697.00
    • Kit - $1197.00
    • Total - $5894.00

    Deposit of $500.00 is deducted from your balance owing.

      Learn more about our our payment options here. This program is eligible for government student funding. 

      *All fees are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change. GST is applicable to all kit fees, but does not apply to tuition. Tuition includes the exam fees.

      MODULE 1

      • Intro to the Industry
      • Time Management Support
      • Your Pro Makeup Kit
        • the must haves & how to grow or maintain
      • Hygiene & Sanitation
      • Tools & Brushes
      • Anatomy & Physiology
      • Skin Structure, Care & Functions
      • Professional Communication & Consultation
      • Product Knowledge
      • Basic Application & Blending Techniques
      • Reference Files
      MODULE 2
      • Facial Structure & Shapes
      • Contour & Highlight Using Different Mediums
      • Brows
        • creating, correcting & defining
        • learn the basics, new trends & applications
      • Color Theory
        • corrective color techniques
        • color schemes, color terms & quality
        • how to mix color to maximize your kit
      • Dewy & Sun-kissed Looks
      • Corrective Eye Techniques
        • eye shape theory & how to balance and enhance them
      MODULE 3
      • Corrective Lip Techniques
        • lip shape theory 
        • how to correct symmetry and enhance
      • Eye Techniques
        • types of smokey eyes, winged liner, graphic liner
        • daywear & dramatic applications
      • False Lash Styles & Application 
        • considerations for different eye shapes & client scenarios
      MODULE 4
      • Makeup for Different Ethnicities 
        • asian & dark skin tones & features
      • Mature Makeup
        • day & night applications
      • Bridal Makeup
        • trials, consultations & considerations
        • color combinations, timeless & trendy looks
        • bridal business management
        • marketing
      MODULE 5
      • Image Recreation
        • inspiration
        • trends vs classics
      • Makeup for Photography
        • lighting theory
        • important considerations
        • editorial makeup & building multiple looks
        • black & white photography
        • lecture from working photographer
        • set etiquette
      • Cosmetic Retailing
        • client building 
        • retail image
        • sales techniques
      MODULE 6
      • Makeup for TV & Film
        • TV, film, commercial & video makeup
        • pre-production, call sheets, schedules
        • face charts, continuity techniques
        • male grooming & makeup
        • working on set
      • Decade Makeup
        • authentic & inspired
      • Timed Character Scenarios
      MODULE 7
      • Fashion Industry & Runway Makeup
        • runway lineup
        • distance, lighting & scenarios
        • storyboards, planning & scheduling
      • Creative Inspiration
        • challenging your creativity & pushing your limits
      • Business Management & Marketing
        • quoting & invoicing
        • payment terms
        • business operations
        • social media, business cards, websites
      • Portfolio Development
      • Goal Setting
      MODULE 8
      • Final Exams
        • Professional Photoshoot Scenario
        • 3 Practical Exams
        • 1 Theory Exam
      • Final Project
        • Client Scenarios Work Study




      Registration is simple and can be done all online!

      Need assistance? Check out our 'How To Apply' guide or Meet With Admissions Online to discuss any questions you may have and help you with the application process.



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      We've created a personalized and engaging experience for independent learners. Access all videos, assignments and learning material directly online from your personal profile, at any time on any device.




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      Complete all practical applications and upload to your profile for marking.


      All uploaded material is viewed by your instructor for feedback and guidance.






      My experience at AWMA has been amazing.I have learned so much in a short amount of time. I am so happy to have chosen AWMA to be a part of my journey on becoming a successful Makeup Artist. Due to the pandemic, everyone has had to adapt to this unique change, and without a doubt, AWMA has adapted fantastic. I completed the 2 day Airbrush course and was so so pleased with the organization, and outcome! Zoom is such an easy way to communicate with groups of individuals! Learning from the comfort of my home was so special. And safe. Which I really appreciated! Thank you AWMA! xoxo- Dallyn

      Dallyn Forest
      Calgary, AB

      I attended artists within makeup academy during the covid-19 season. Our classes were moved to online and as sad as it was not being in class with my fellow peers, learning online from Tara was the next best thing. I felt just as successful in my course online as I would have in person, Tara is a great teacher and worked very hard to put together amazing and in-depth online courses, she made sure all of us got the one on one time we needed to feel comfortable in our new skills. Wonderful school with wonderful teachers! I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

      Chondra Caguiat
      Calgary, AB

      Hello Tara - I am so happy that I have done my course from you. I have learnt so much from you and whatever you have taught in the course, I try to put to use practically. Each brief detailing and small things I learnt from you has really widened my knowledge and experience in the makeup industry. I am so glad that I have improved alot and I get lots and lots of compliments now. Lots of love ❤️ from India Thank-you so much

      Makeup by Supreet

      AW03 Maquillage



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