To date Artists Within is the only accredited school in Alberta to offer Makeup Artistry, Session Hair Styling, Fashion Styling, Advanced Makeup and Special FX diploma programs. The students are given the option to have a well-rounded base in all areas of the industry. We have had amazing success over the years with our graduates going on to start fabulous careers.

The programs are designed and overseen by successful artists and stylists with vast experience, who have seen the highs and the lows first hand so are able to prepare students for those variables. The programs are not taken from a text book, they are taken from years experience around the world in every situation imaginable. We pass the drive, enthusiasm and experience behind what we do at Artists Within to you, the student.

Come and visit us, hear the success stories, see the work of the students and graduates, and then feel the excitement as you turn your dreams into reality. We thrive on our students emerging with tremendous skills, energy and drive to go out there and do whatever they want in this exciting industry. The sky’s the limit!

Being an accredited school means that a board governs us, which protects the student. The most important point from the student’s point of view is that you receive a recognized diploma or certificate depending on the program chosen, not just a piece of paper that means nothing. Legally any program over 2 weeks must be accredited, if it is not, beware. We have seen all too many times students coming to us after being fooled into believing schools are legitimate when they are not and then being disappointed by the training also.

We have certain guidelines we must strictly follow in terms of making sure that the courses we teach contain the correct information to enable you to get work after school. We must submit reports every year to show our graduation rate and job placement rate. These reports are made available for each student to view and sign. You as the student are protected financially should anything happen.

A diploma is a higher rank so to speak than a certificate. It means that you have received more in depth training than a certificate can offer. Any program over 2 weeks should be accredited and therefore will offer a diploma. A diploma is your guarantee that the school or institution is official when taking such a program, is following regulations, and that you are getting genuine training.

Any course under two weeks will not need to follow these regulations so a certificate will be issued. If you are wanting to become a professional makeup artist be aware that there are many artists with diplomas who you are competing with so choose your school wisely so you can be on par experience and training wise.

There are so many options and directions to go once you have completed any of our courses. The great thing is, you can try different things until you find your niche. Each course covers a wide variety of material which provides many opportunities.

Examples of the type of work previous graduates are doing:

• Runway shows in New York, Milan, L.A., and London
• Working with various agencies around the world doing photo shoots
• Working for salons on cruise ships
• Working for stores such as Holt Renfrew, Sephora and MAC cosmetics
• Students go on to work for television productions and commercials
• Many start their own makeup companies.

This is just to name a few!

Each of our trainers has had years of hands on experience. None of them work full time with us; they spend a portion of their time teaching and the rest out in the industry working in their field. Each trainer has hands on experience so is able to do more than read a textbook and demo. They help put you in the moment, challenge you and prepare you for the reality of the industry.

ITEC stands for International Therapy Examination Council. Based in London, England, ITEC certifies students in a variety of trades that are recognized worldwide. ITEC qualified makeup artists are certified in 45 countries around the world. Artists Within Makeup Academy is passionate about raising the standards for our industry by offering international training and certification. For ITEC certification, an ITEC approved examiner is flown in to conduct the ITEC examinations in Calgary. This certification fee is now included in the tuition of our most popular Makeup Diploma program. To date our students have achieved 100% success, something we are very proud of.

No experience is necessary. Our courses start with the basics. We do require eagerness and ambition! Each student begins with the Makeup Diploma as that is a prerequisite for our other programs.

In order to attend Artists Within you must be 18 years+ or have graduated high school.

We get many calls for jobs and positions, and always pass them on to our graduates via our alumni Facebook page which you are able to join after graduation. We don’t guarantee work but we do all we can to assist you. Our job placement rate since opening the doors in 2003 has always remained in the 90th percentile, which we are very proud of.

Yes, the kit is mandatory for all diploma programs. It is important while learning to have the appropriate products and tools necessary to achieve the desired results. Each kit has all you need to get started, to learn and to expand with. The kits are long wearing, pigmented professional grade necessity products. Each Pro Kit contains all you need for your course, that you can add to slowly as you grow and move forward. You are not expected to purchase additional items while attending Artists Within other than your disposables such as cotton pads, q-tips, mascara wands and sponges. Kits are optional for online certificates but are suggested for all professional learning.

None of Artists Within's products are tested on animals. This is in regulation with the E.U. cosmetic standards.

You can register until the week prior if there is room. Certain times of the year fill up very quickly so we would suggest you sign up as soon as you have made the decision to attend to avoid disappointment. The front end team can advise you on this further when enquiring about certain dates.

Your deposit is not refundable. *In certain circumstances we will allow students to transfer their deposit to another start date on a case-by-case basis. If you do have a circumstance that warrants changing course dates please contact our admin team for further instruction. There is a $50 processing fee for such changes.

If you are in need of a Diploma or Certificate replacement, email info@artistswithin.com with your full name, class taken and date graduated. There is a reprint fee of $50.00 for replacement Diplomas and Certificates.

T2202 (Tuition and Enrolment Certificate) is an official statement for income tax purposes. It is issued to all students who paid tuition for qualifying courses that are eligible.

Your T2202 form will be emailed out to you prior to the tax year end. If you have misplaced your T2202 tax form please email info@artistswithin.com There will be a reissue fee of $25.00.

Artists Within now offers online registration for both our In-Person Academy and Online Academy.

For our In-Person Academy, follow this helpful guide for 'How to Apply'.

Alternatively, you can call our administration department at 587.891.5828 or email info@artistswithin.com and make an appointment with our administrative team to complete the registration process.

When registering, we will require photo ID and the deposit for your chosen course. We are always available in business hours to answer questions or to book you in for a virtual tour of the academy. We look forward to meeting with you!

For our Online Academy, there is no application process. Enroll and begin your course in the same day!

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