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Have you ever followed a YouTube tutorial and wondered why your makeup looks heavy, cakey and overdone, while the makeup tutorial you just followed to a T looked fresh, flawless and perfect? Makeup for social media does not work in real life! While it’s a great to get a feel for what working as a makeup artist could be like, it isn't the best place to learn makeup professionally.

When working as a makeup artist for any sort of film or recording your makeup needs to be heavy, dramatic and overly contoured because the lighting, quality of filming and editing take away so much detail. When filming makeup under professional lighting, intensity is taken away from the makeup look and imperfections diffused so the extra intensity is required to counteract this process. Many videos use filters which alter the look of features, coloring and details. What appears to be a light, fresh, makeup look is really just an illusion, it's actually a full, heavy finish. Makeup that is applied for YouTube or Social Media isn't an everyday look or something that would be wearable under natural lighting. 

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The Instagram makeup trends are just that, makeup trends. Social Media MUA tutorials are great for inspiration but it's important to learn how to use and create the basic makeup looks and techniques properly. When working as a professional makeup artist the majority of your makeup clients want natural looks that enhance their features not completely change how they look as many of these social media makeup tutorials do. 

This is what makeup school teaches you. To start with the basics, to break it down, to perfect the classic makeup looks, to think for yourself rather than just copy a look step-by-step, as well as so many other important aspects beyond the technical application skills. There are many other important areas of your education that go into building your professional makeup career.

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Our job as a professional makeup academy is to teach you everything you need to succeed and build a successful makeup career. This obviously covers makeup application but also the business side of the industry so you have everything prepared to work in any area, from working behind a makeup counter to starting your own makeup business to working for celebrities or on movie sets. We've yet to see a YouTube video that covers all of this!

Learn the makeup basics, put the different techniques together, understand all areas and looks of the makeup industry, get creative, build and grow as a makeup artist and then add the trends!

There are so many options to learn makeup professionally from in class, virtually, live feed classes or online makeup course options that it can feel overwhelming. Want to chat about your options? We'd love to help you fine tune your makeup education and make the best choice for your needs.  

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