What's been happening Wednesday's

What's been happening Wednesday's

A warm welcome to our new makeup trainees!
We love first week of class! This week has been full and exciting! Monday evening brought in
our new part-time makeup group lead by our very talented instructor Jessica Luther. The
evening group is always with us for longer than the day classes so we get to enjoy their faces,
get to know their personalities and really have a chance to work and carve their skill. Jessica is
unwavering, a rock in their sometimes unsettled sea which always ends up in calm beautiful
waters. We are really looking forward to seeing the group’s talent unfold. Here is some work
from the last group which was very impressive:
Today our full time group joined us, one that is full with 14 new makeup students ready to
become the best! We have our fabulous instructor Scarlett ready to teach them her tips and
tricks of the trade. Scarlett has been working as a makeup artist in the industry for over 10
years now. Her specialty is creativity. She is the sweetest soul with unbelievable patience, she
works hard with all of the students to help them reach their full potential. Here is some of her
fabulous creations.                                     
We can’t wait for the talent of each group and each student to unfold, it’s always exciting for us towatch these students become the best!
Stay tuned for updates!

‘Learn from the best – become the best’

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