Tara's Picks

Tara's Picks

These are Tara's go to must haves that she never leave home without! Tara has a full life of work, kids, working out and enjoying life. She applies first thing in the morning and never needs to touch up. Live your life while you look and feel amazing!

BB Cream - Covers imperfections leaving a dewy and fresh finish

Illuminating powder - Use instead of a powder to give a beautiful sheen

Liquid Eyeshadow - Tara is addicted! Use as a wash of color, they don't crease or fade all day long

Large powder brush - It's so soft and the perfect size for any sort of powder product

HD volumizing mascara - Tara loves lashes and this gives the perfect balance of thickness and length with zero clumpiness

Brow balm - Tara designed this to not be too pigmented. When she is applying, Tara gets the perfect coverage without looking fake.

Flawless lipstick from our new 'Platinum Collection' - Seriously she is obsessed! This is her go to 'Orchid' It's a beautiful soft lavender that just works!

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