Master your own makeup routine


The Makeup Basics series you have been waiting for is live!

We’ve put together a series of videos for women who aren’t quite sure what works for them and what doesn’t makeup wise.

We get clients asking us about the same issues all the time, so we've taken those questions and put them into a video series that will walk you through everything step by step.

💋 Do love makeup but have no idea what you are doing? 

💋 Do you apply your makeup but find it doesn’t really bring out the best in you? 

💋 Do you find your makeup doesn’t last throughout the day? 

💋 Do you try something you saw on YouTube but it looks terrible on you? 

If the answer is yes you need this course! We’ve created 5 different videos showing you how to apply:

💋 Your Go To Basic Look

💋 Simple Smokey Eyes

💋 Easy Liquid Liner

💋 Strip Lashes

💋 The Perfect Pout 

We’ve also added extra tips & tricks, product links to everything we’ve used, a makeup kit discount, and a downloadable step-by-step how to booklet. 

All this for just $127!

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