MAKEUP MOOD BOARDS September 14, 2021

MAKEUP MOOD BOARDS September 14, 2021

Can we take a moment to give a round of applause to our recent MAKEUP DIPLOMA grads and their fantastic makeup creations below!

Portfolio building is more important than resume building in the makeup & fashion industry, in fact it is your resume!

Our recent alumni teamed up with the always fabulous Mode Models and fashion photographer, Jackie Duncan who was in town for a visit from Montreal, our favourite duo! What team work, I think you’ll agree that everyone nailed it!


So how does a creative makeup portfolio shoot work? Our managing studio educator is the catalyst to all of this fabulousness! Jessica Luther is not only our in academy makeup instructor, but her passion is being creative.

Jessica put together the moodboard below, which is not only the makeup inspiration, but is inspiration for everyone involved: makeup, hair, photographer & models. From this everyone creates their own version or feel of what this means to them. Part of our makeup course is teaching our students how to look beyond an image and instead, get a feel for the overall vibe of a collection. We do this a lot when working on not only shoots but runway shows or any sort of collaboration. Honestly it’s the most fun part of the course!

How do you think they did?

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