With Hollywood’s Hottest Makeup Artist and Photographer!

We are so thrilled to have celebrity makeup artist and photographer BEAU NELSON joining us as our special guest, all the way from LA!

Beau started as a makeup artist in Alberta and had a vision to be exactly where he is today. We stress during our classes how important having a goal is and making a plan of how you are going to achieve it. Beau is such a great example of this, of wanting something badly enough to make it happen.

Beau’s makeup and photography skill are in high demand by renowned brands like Chanel, Tom Ford, Mui Mui, and Giorgio Armani. His incredible artistry has graced the covers of fashion giants such as Vogue, Allure, Elle, and W Magazine. This is a huge achievement and something that only comes with focus and determination. 

This Masterclass is so much more than other classes out there. Here is a real success story, Beau is not only going to show you techniques and products that he uses to create his signature style, but he is also going to share with you his journey to get where he is today, including the sacrifices. This is knowledge is priceless and something that can make such a crucial difference to you and your journey! 

Beau is going to break down his favorite looks, demo how he creates his signature skin as shown above, demo his creative style, share exclusive discounts and let you know what goes on behind the scenes of the celebrity red carpet events!

You'll discover the secrets, techniques, and artistry behind Beau's stunning looks that have captivated the fashion and celebrity scenes. Beau is not only going to demo but he's going to guide you as you apply your chosen look on a model. His guidance is your golden ticket to next level artistry!

Can you imagine what the makeup kit of an artist on this level contains? Well you're going to find out! Beau is going to not only allow you to delve into his kit contents but when you attend Beau’s Masterclass, you’ll receive the most incredible goodie bag packed full of Beau’s favorite products! The value of this is over $1000 or $1500+ for the VIP gooding bag. That alone is worth taking the class for!

At the end of the class you’ll receive a certificate of completion and also an invitation to Beau’s cocktail hour! You literally get to step into Beau’s shoes for a day and live life like a celebrity!

When we started talking with Beau about this class we wanted to create something that would satisfy on all levels, so we curated two packages for you to choose your experience. General Admission covers all we've talked about but if you want to go all the way, we have a VIP Experience which is going to blow you away! 

Both options include:

  • A glance into Beau's journey to the top, how he did it, including the trials and tribulations, and what life is really like at the top.
  • A break down his favorite looks and products.
  • 2 separate demos of how he creates his signature skin and his creative style.
  • The secrets of his makeup kit.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • A peek at what goes on behind the scenes of a red carpet event.
  • Guidance you as you create your own look on a model!
  • An incredible goodie bag full of Beau's favorite products.
  • Certification of Completion.

Our VIP Experience also includes:

  • Attending an up close and personal Q&A hour with Beau to start the day.
  • An upgraded goodie bag full of Beau's favorite products.
  • A professional model supplied for you from Mode Models.
  • Your finished look styled and then shot by Beau himself.

Imagine the experience and thrill of having your creation captured by the same guru who’s photography graces the pages of top magazines and serves elite clientele. This opportunity alone is worth $1000’s!!!

The entire day’s experience is valued at over $6000+, in fact you can’t even buy this experience, this is a one time, never been seen before Masterclass! You can secure your spot for as little as $697 per ticket with payment options available at checkout. 

We are so beyond excited to be able to offer this experience to you. The expertise of someone at this level is going to enhance everything you do and the tips and techniques you are going to learn will take you to a whole new level!

We can't wait to see you October 21st! General Admission opens at 11am while the VIP Experience begins at 10am. 

Tickets just went live and space is extremely limited so don't wait, you don't want to miss this opportunity!

Tara & The AW Team xo



General Admission

VIP Experience


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