Stage 3 Covid-19 Policies & Procedures for Staff & Students July 07, 2021

Stage 3 Covid-19 Policies & Procedures for Staff & Students July 07, 2021

Dear Staff & Students,

Firstly, we'd like to thank and acknowledge our diligent students and staff for maintaining our strict covid policies and procedures. We are proud to have operated for the last year without a single case or outbreak in our academy because of your commitment to everyone's health and safety.

In the light of the recent restrictions and bylaws lifting we have made updates to our mandatory covid policies at the academy. I've outlined the changes below.

As we have always operated with enhanced hygiene and infection control due to the nature of our educational institution, we have kept some preventative measures in place:

  • staff & students are still required to wear masks while in the academy

    • face shields are no longer required to be worn with masks when conducting personal services (applications)

  • staff & students are asked to sanitize upon each entry into the building and before personal services

  • we will maintain our diligent cleaning duties at the end of day to prevent all infection spread, as per any personal service business


The procedures that will no longer be in effect are:

  • temperature checks

  • covid waivers

  • face shields


If staff or students are experiencing covid symptoms, we have maintained our usual procedure. I have copied from our original policy for your review:

Covid Symptoms & Tests  - Absence From School 

If you are feeling unwell and possess any of the plausible covid symptoms, please stay home and call the school or email promptly. As well, book your covid test as soon as symptoms transpire so you can receive results as soon as possible, and prevent additional delays in your education. Please contact fellow students for any additional information from missed lessons, and then follow up with your instructor to see what you’ll need to catch up on. A lot of content can be completed virtually while you rest/isolate at home. 

Opt-in for text message covid test results or the online ‘MyHealth Records’ to receive notice of your test results. To return to the academy, please forward a copy (a photo is fine) of your test results to us at once you receive them.

MyHealth Records Sign Up:


We will continue to reassess these policies to decide if these measures are still necessary to implement. For your review, I've attached Alberta's updated guidance for preventing general infections (including covid-19) as we work through this transition period.

Our number one commitment is staying open for our staff and students, and to provide a safe and healthy learning environment. Thank you for your continued commitment to staying open! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

xo The AW Team

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